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As a first step we make an initial assessment of your qualifications, experience, goals and expectations to provide you with the best options possible. Immigration laws and programs are complex and ever-changing: CanPro Immigration will make the analysis for you to find the best fit amongst many different immigration programs. Should you not meet the governmental requirements we will let you know so you don’t spend money needlessly.

Assistance with job search

Having a job offer prior to coming to Canada not only will increase your chances of being selected but will also make the transition a lot smoother. We provide assistance with the preparation of your resume, analysis of your career profile and help with finding a job.

Assistance with college/university admission

We do not promote one academic institution over another but we rather help you find the one that best suits your needs and can assist with the admission process.

Relocation services

For those of you who wish to settle down in Quebec, you will have access to our relocation experts who will help you find an apartment in Montreal, open a bank account, help you with school registration for your kids and even pick you up at the airport.

Our relocation and job coaching services are aimed for all future immigrants, students, businesspeople and expatriates to minimize the stress of relocation and facilitate their quick adaptation to the Canadian society.

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